My Maine Farm Girl Store Opening

With the change of seasons upon us in Maine, comes more change on the farm. 

After much deliberation and even more encouragement from customers and friends, here it is.... My Maine Farm Girl. 

8 years ago, my farm. Bittersweet Heritage was born on the rocky mid coast of Maine. Since then, animals have been born animals have been lost. Product lines have expanded and contracted. But the one constant has been you, the public, who continue to support what I’m doing. 

For those of you who don’t know, Bittersweet happened half by accident and half by design. The design part was purchasing a 20 acre property overlooking the Penobscot Bay, the accident part was while searching for a few sheep to keep the grass mowed, I fell in love with goats. 

I named the farm Bittersweet, not for the invasive plant which everybody constantly reminds me of, but for the loss of my son who was a lover of animals. I am pretty sure he is laughing everyday, watching me wrestle goats to trim hooves, corral sheep into new pastures and when spring arrives haul bags of “cooked chicken poop” to the curb.

I didn’t just fall in love with goats, I fell in love with cheesemaking, I love with the process of milking goats and using that milk to create cheeses with the milk that comes from the animals who stare back at me through my kitchen window. My days begin and end beside a warm 265 pound creature who asks only for a bit of grain to munch on while I sit beside her and milk, and maybe an apple or a gingersnap after I’m finished. I am gifted with a living substance that miraculously turns into what we know as cheese. It’s changed my opinion about science, a subject that was my least favorite in school.

In case you’re wondering, the sheep did arrive at the farm, 6 months behind the goats. Many lambs have been born in the past 8 years, the flock has grown, the flock has changed. Today, a small group of ewes are maintaining the pastures. 

The long and the short of all this is that as someone who has farming heritage on both sides of my family but was never raised on a farm, I am now claiming my roots. 

Formerly, the farm had a website, but in 2016, along with a lot of other unfortunate on line accounts, the domain was stolen. After investigating the cause of the loss, I decided not to embark on another on line venture, until now. Thus, My Maine Farm Girl is launched and Bittersweet’s products will be represented under this new title. 

I’m starting slowly to see how it goes and welcome you along on this journey. The farm has an Instagram presence, and as this evolves, My Maine Farm Girl will be showing up there too. Be patient, as my Grandmother always used to say. Good things come to those who wait. 

In the meantime, I’m pushing this out there and celebrating all my fellow Maine farmers, both men and women, but especially the women who call themselves Maine Farm Girls!

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