Funky, fun, rugged, complex. Just like you. My Maine Farm Girl products are designed to compliment your already individualist style.

Whether it’s custom spun yarn, hand cut caramels, My Maine Farm Girl offers all small batch, hand made products. Produced here at the Bittersweet Heritage Farm on the rocky coast of Maine, inspiration comes from the animals I tend and the beautiful days spent managing the farm. Whether we’re knee deep in snow, shrouded in a foggy day or basking in clear blue skies, days begin and end with milking the herd and tending the flock. Living with and tending animals provides insights and inspirations for everything that goes into My Maine Farm Girl products.

Hand dyed yarns, custom spun at Maine’s oldest woolen mill, come from sturdy Maine sheep, Romney Corriedale crosses for their unique fibers and blended together for one of a kind texture and color.

The Saanen goat herd represents over 60 years of the continuation of specific breeding, focusing on healthy, working does. Following in the footsteps of Maine farmers, (old timers), I’m on my 4th generation of sweet girls.

As a registered Maine State Dairy, all milk and milk products are inspected on a regular basis. As a milk producer in the State of Maine, I take pride in working cooperatively with the State to ensure the safety of everything offered from the farm.

Flavors of my hand cut sea salt caramels are inspired by days of living by the sea. The farm overlooks the Penobscot Bay. In designing flavors of caramel, I went to the source. Cranberry Fog, Rocky Bottom, Dark & Stormy were all inspired by walks at Marshall Point lighthouse, sitting on the rocks, watching the lobstermen steam out to set traps. Layers and layers of complexity with ingredients like espresso, chocolate, fresh dried orange peel, New England grown cranberries, organic nuts and Maine sourced brews come together for caramels full of farm fresh goodness and a touch of the Maine seaside. Thanks to a grant from the Maine Farms for the Future Program, Maine Caramel Company has evolved as a purely Maine product. Working in partnership with local Maine brewers, caramels are being specialty batched with hand crafted beers. It’s a combination of traditional Maine farming and the exploding Maine brewing industry together, creating a whole new Maine based product. 

Small family farms are making a big come back in Maine. It’s a good thing. Young people are returning home to bring the land back and restore abandoned farms. Enterprising folks are raising grains, brewing beers, baking breads in wood fired ovens, designing cheeses in all new ways, growing heirloom crops for flavor instead of polish. There’s an energy in Maine that’s returning to it’s roots.

I‘m sticking close to that idea with My Maine Farm Girl. Sturdy, down to earth goods to feed the body and soul, fresh from the rocky coast of good old Maine. Keeping it simple, with a bit of whimsey and a whole lot of love for the farming lifestyle.