Rocky Maine Seacoast Caramels

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As a Maine State Dairy and as a herds woman, the satisfaction of tending animals and producing a product infused with the boldness of this place is what inspires me. Maine is not for the faint of heart. Neither are my caramels.

Rocky Coast Maine Caramels blend my farm fresh milk and Maine hand crafted beers. The result. Caramels infused with deep tones of coffee, chocolate, spices and fruits, further layered with some of Maine’s finest hand crafted brews. Smooth, soft caramel, rich with surprisingly complex flavors.

Mainers are hardy folk, full of an adventurous spirit and a love of rugged individualism. You’ll savor that spirit in every bite.

Rocky Bottom with dried orange peel, espresso & pecans and local handcrafted beer.

Cranberry Fog with dried New England cranberries, caramelized beer and walnuts.

Dark & Stormy with organic chocolate, local handcrafted beer & NON GMO sourdough pretzels.

Sugar & Spice. Dark, rich caramel infused with caramelized local handcrafted beer, organic cocoa, a touch of cinnamon, cloves and Jamaican allspice, topped with non GMO sourdough pretzels.

Caramel bars each approx. 3.5 oz. Sold in 4 packs, one each flavor.


Village Ice Cream - Port Clyde, Maine

Washington General Store - Washington, Maine

The Pour Farm Tap Room - Union, Maine

   Specialty batch with Pour Farm’s Teleporter

Thresher’s Brewery - Thomaston, Maine

   Specialty batch with Thresher’s Sea Smoke

Maine Breweries can contact the farm girl directly to custom batch caramel bars with your brews! Perfect dessert/munchie option for Tap Rooms.

Holding a special event. Custom caramels available. Let’s talk details!